Builder Profile: Circle H Builders in Columbia SC

Circle H Builders of Columbia SC

Building Your Dream Should Be Fun!

"Building custom homes is the best business in the world: We help other people make their dreams come true." -Randy Humphries, Circle H Builders

What Sets Us Apart? The Circle H Difference

For more than 20 years, home owners have turned to home builder Randy Humphries and his amazing team of craftsmen for award-winning custom homes.  Earning and keeping his clients' trust has fueled his success.  With more than 150 homes built, Circle H Builders is dedicated to helping people get what they want from their home.  His proven approach means consistent results and happy clients.  Randy has a passion for building signature homes that are rich in value, and bold with individualistic styling, classic elegance and craftsmanship.

When considering a new home - whether in Cobblestone Park, Woodcreek Farms, Greenhill Parish, Lake Murray or neighborhood of your choice... or if you have your own land, Circle H Builders can help no matter where you plan on situating your dream home.  If your vision is sketched on an old envelope or you've already engaged an architect, Randy can help you put a plan in place and is ready to implement it.  And when plans change, Circle H knows how to adapt.  Their goal is always minimum disruption to you and your family.  And with Circle H Builders, you won't have to sit back and hope for the best... Randy not only delivers exceptional homes, he makes the building process the rewarding experience it should be.  His rich knowledge of luxury home building was acquired over decades of home construction.

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